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Any Weblock – The Blocker free Download 2017

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Any Weblock – The Blocker free Download 2017

An internet security program accustomed block any reasonably web site as well as malicious or the other harmless websites directly from your applications programme simply. Download Any Weblock – The Blocker

This web pages locker tool does not block webpages automatically but it will only block those websites which are user defined.

The free web content control software that block acess to any website on your computer.

Any Weblock is a web content control software that gives you the power to block any website on your local computer.It works with any applications programme and displays a faux error page.

No network knowledge required to configure. You only have to be compelled to recognize the domain/subdomain names of the websites to be blocked.
Possible uses include parental control (porns, online games or chat rooms) and ads or malicious content blocking.

Works With:

Windows XP • Windows visual image • Windows visual image sixty four bit • Windows seven • Windows seven sixty four bit • Windows eight • Windows eight sixty four bit • Windows ten • Windows 10 64 bit Windows XP 64 bit.

Download & Source:

  • Any Weblock 1.1.0Summary of features
  • Works with any web browser.
  • Block websites and additional subdomains.
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Blocking remains intact even when uninstalling, unless properly unblocked by this program..
  • Export and import to share block list among computers.
  • Auto-backup and roll back to a previous backup.Screenshots
  • Manange block list.
  • Add, modify or remove block entries.
  • Export or import block list.

    Block new website

  • Add a website domain for blocking.
  • Enter any additional subdomains for blocking.
  • Choose to block main domain or only its subdomains.

    Import block list

  • Append the entries from the imported list to current list.
  • Replace the current list entirely with the imported list.

    Password protection

  • Create a password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Decide a secret question and answer for password reset.

    Backup and roll back

  • Backups are automatically created.
  • Choose a limit for the number of backups.
  • Roll back to a previous backup.

    Any Weblock – The Blocker free Download 2017

    File Size: 362KB

    Price: Free