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Megasync For Download Free 2017

Megasync For Download Free 2017

Megasync a easy use application to create a path between local source folder and cloud drive,to perform file synchronization

Easy sign up:

The program require that you create a MEGA account or set up you cloud drive, then select a local folder.

Once you sign up, the reset of proces is easy. All you have to do copy and update the file yo wish to synchronization in the local dedicated folder.

You can customize you cloud drive by created specific director in order to sort you file. ITs software allow you to share any type of file.

Large space storage:

After configuration, Megasync run in back ground. So it does not interface any other program you undergo.

You can easily acces MEGAsync menu from system tray view the most recent up date as well the amount space available on cloud drive . Any file add the source folder is instantly copy to the cloud drive.

Processes and setting:

Synchronization proces is continuous so software display statu the transfer when you restore it to desktop. However, you can pause, pres or suspend the synchronization any time.

Megasync For Download Free 2017

File Size: 1MB

Price: Free